Arnold Schwarzenegger And Franco Columbu Train Together Just Like They Used To In The Good Old Days

by Brandon

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu have an impressive nine Olympia titles between them but more importantly they have an incredible friendship that has lasted over 50 years. The two first met in 1965 in Germany and would embark on a journey to the United States four years later, where the two would go on to begin their own bricklaying business. Growing a bond so tight that Columbu would end being Arnold’s best man when he got married in 1986. And these bodybuilding legends got together to train just like how they used to four decades ago, achieving results while having a blast.

Arnold commented on their recent training session by saying, “Don’t RE-live your glory days – LIVE your glory days, every day. There are always new challenges, new weights to lift, new mountains to climb. Stay hungry. Like me and Franco. He was my favorite training partner 4 decades ago and he is my favorite training partner today.” Check out the two training just like the good old days in the video below!

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