Arnold Schwarzenegger On The Importance Of Setting Deadlines

by Brandon

One of the most important aspects of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s success is that he always set deadlines for himself. “When I had a competition in the middle of September, and it was the beginning of summer, then there was no more time to screw around. I couldn’t slack off at all because the day of the competition, I had to be in the best shape possible.” By setting a deadline for when he had to be in his best shape, he actually had a plan and a date by when he had to execute his plan. But setting deadlines doesn’t only apply to competitions, it goes for any goal you set out for yourself to accomplish. Once you give yourself a deadline by when you want to accomplish that goal a sense of urgency begins to set in. That sense of urgency will force you to take everyday on the road toward your goal seriously. Without that deadline you will just be wondering around with no direction and will most likely never get to your end goal. Listen to Arnold discuss the importance of setting deadlines for yourself and the impact it had on his life!

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