What’s Arnold So Excited About On QVC?.. Too Funny

by Adam Smith


Former-governator-turned-actor-again Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared Monday evening on The Tonight Show and, of course, Jimmy Fallon found a way to create an entire sketch around one of Arnold’s most famous movie quotes. “Get to the choppa!” was the main punchline of a pre-taped sketch in which Arnold and Fallon sell a household blender on a fake QVC show. It may have been convoluted, but it’s always fun to watch the Governator be self-aware about his most meme-able lines.


Dressed in a royal blue apron, the actor is seen standing alongside ‘Zach Striker’, played by the chat show host, as they try to sell products on the show, Now We’re Cookin’. The two products that they are trying to sell are a blender and a “Slap Chop”. Arnold Schwarzenegger created one of the most memorable movie moments when he said “Get to the chopper” back in 1987 when he starred in Predator and the line still is popular to this day.


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