Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Top 5 Bodybuilding Quotes

by Brandon

The sport of bodybuilding has seen many great athletes come through its doors but you can make the argument that no one individual has done more for the sport than “The Oak.” Yes, he was one of the greatest competitors ever and his seven Mr. Olympia titles speak for themselves but his impact on the sport went far beyond the stage. Playing a large role in helping change the publics’ attitude toward bodybuilding and its competitors. Showing that they are in fact multi dimensional individuals who can dominant in all facets of life. Which is why there are few who are more knowledgeable and respected within the industry.

Throughout his time in the industry Arnold has dropped many jewels on us all in the form of highly motivational quotes. Generation Iron recently dug through the Internet in search of the greatest quotes ever uttered by the great Arnold. To clarify, these quotes are a collection of his greatest bodybuilding related quotes – not including any from his successful Hollywood career. Which ones would make the cut? Take a look at the video below to find out!

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