Ashley Horner’s Full-Body Rest-Less Workou

by Brandon

Ashley Horner is a mother of three little boys so as you can guess she can’t always manage to find time to go to the gym for an hour. What she does do is bust out short at home workouts while her kids are preoccupied. But just because these workouts are short and done within the confines of her home doesn’t for a second mean they aren’t intense. Her routine only utilizes a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, and Tebata intervals. And if you haven’t heard of Tebata intervals be prepared as you will develop a love/hate relationship with them. Tebata typically consist of 20-second work intervals proceeded by 10-seconds of rest for a grand total of eight rounds. However, Ashleys version raises the intensity to another level. Instead of resting she uses those 10 seconds to squeeze in another exercise whether it be to get some core work in or a simple lung burner. This routine was made to fit the lifestyles of busy mothers who don’t even have time to spare on a daily basis. If you are indeed one of those, take a look at the video below and begin kicking some ass!

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