Average People Try Out CrossFit For 2 Months

by Brandon

CrossFit can simply be defined as a strength and conditioning program that is designed to promote both broad and targeted physical fitness. Composed of a wide variety of exercises to ensure that a balance in the body is achieved. And with its tremendous growth over the last few years has resulted in a buzz among doctors, fitness trainers, athletes, and fitness experts around the country. But with the jury being split on CrossFit, as individuals are either all for it or all against it, it begs the question of how beneficial is a CrossFit training program? To give all those who pose the question a glimpse into what a CrossFit program consist of, the average (in terms of fitness and athleticism) individuals in the video below put themselves through 2 full grueling months of CrossFit. Would they continue with CrossFit after those 2 months? Take a look at the video below to find out!

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