Back – Anatomy Of A Buff Dude

by Brandon

Having a strong back plays a large role in strength and can give the appearance of a bigger, wider body. However due to its large size and complexity, it can be quite challenging to train it properly. Unlike the chest, the back is composed of many muscles, each with a unique function and requirements. Essentially the back can be broken down into three key parts: The lower back, upper back, and trapezius. With the lower back being responsible for the extension of the hips and spine and is a key component in core thickness. The upper back can be separated into two categories for training: The lats for width and the posterior deltoids, and rhomboids for thickness in the upper back. The trapezius on the other hand provides neither thickness or width to the back and for that reason is generally trained with shoulders. When you take all this into consideration, it’s evident how difficult it can be to effectively train the back, especially with the obstacles that come with visualization and the mind-muscle connection because of the fact that you can see the back when you are training it. In an attempt to simplify the process of building a large and impressive back the guys at Buff Dudes put together a video breaking it all down. And even providing the best five exercises for developing a big back!

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