Backyard Killer Full Body Routine

by Brandon

A busy schedule can make it widely difficult to find the time to squeeze in a training session and incredibly easy to just put the gym off for yet another day. But for those who have fitness goals they are working toward, taking a day off from the gym just isn’t an option. However, what do you do when you can only manage to free up 45 minutes of your day? The guys over at BuffDudes have a highly time efficient solution – A killer outdoor full body routine. Requiring only a set of dumbbells, a tree, your body, and the beautiful outdoors. If you are truly motivated to build your body into a highly impressive physique you don’t have the luxury of not going to the gym because you are busy. As they say, “Where there is a will there is a way” And that saying definitely applies to fitness, if you have the will to turn your body around then you will find a way day in and day out to get one step closer to where you plan to be. Think you can’t get some effective work in outside of the gym? Think again, take a look at the full-body routine in the video below and give it a try next time you are time restricted!

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