Ball-Handler Makes Defender Do A Split With Sick Crossover!

by Brandon

In basketball there are two things you never want to happen to you:1) you never want to be a part of a poster 2) you never want to be the person who got crossed to the ground. Nothing gets the crowd going like a crazy dunk or an ice cold crossover. In the video below we see No.3 in blue make No.0 in white look as bad as any defender can possibly look. She pushed the ball in transition, slowed up, hit the defender with a behind-the-back move and watched the defender perform a split as if she was in the middle of a ballet recital. And there was nothing No.0 could do except watch as her opponent heading toward the basket but No.3 wasn’t done there. She continued to drive to the hoop and hit the help defender with a slick eurostep, took the contact and finished the layup for an and-one. If you are a fan of basketball or of a killer crossover, you definitely need to take a look at the video below!

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