Barbell Brigade: How To Pause Squat

by Brandon

The foundation of any strength training program has to be leg strength. Improving your leg strength will go a long way in increasing everything from your deadlift to your bench press and everything in between. One exercise in particular that can help you make these improvements is the pause squat. Pause squats provide many benefits that may make them just as good, if not better than the traditional squat. The fact that the pause squat requires you to come to a halt at the bottom of the movement and then exploding right up will go a long in improving an athletes explosiveness. Not to mention that it takes some stress of the knee caused by the sudden stretch reflex action of the regular squat. Making the pause squat a go to exercise for any athlete looking to improve their lower-body strength and explosiveness. Barbell Brigade understands the benefits the pause squat can provide and put together a break down of the proper technique for the pause squat in the video below!

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