Be Proud Of Who You Are

by Brandon

Dana Linn Bailey is an IFBB pro as well as the first physique Ms Olympia winner in history. As successful as Dana has been on the stage, she preaches a message which extends far beyond the bodybuilding/fitness industry. A message that we should all embed into our minds and help spread to as many people as we can. That message is to “Be proud of who you are”. Dana receives a lot of negative feedback from the ‘haters’; who have nothing better to do with their lives than try to bring down those living out their dreams. Which can become extremely difficult to deal with if you begin to believe in what they say.

As the great Dana Linn Bailey says, “You can be whatever you envision yourself to be! In the last couple years I have learned a lot about myself and I have learned what it truly means to be comfortable in your own skin. I have learned what confidence truly looks like and feels like…AND there is nothing greater than that feeling!!”

Once you get to that point in life where you have the utmost confidence in yourself, your opportunities will grow exponentially. And nobody will be able to hold you back from going after what you want because their opinions won’t matter anymore. It can feel as a rebirth in some ways, you’re no longer interested about what those on the outside think, as the only opinion that matters is your own!

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