Ben Pakulski Describes How He Fell In Love With Bodybuilding

by Brandon

The journey toward becoming a professional bodybuilder requires an enormous amount of dedication as well as persistence. It’s all about learning from your loses and using those experiences to help you improve upon your weak points. There is no exact science to becoming a bodybuilder as each individual has a unique physique, path, and training philosophy. Take standout bodybuilder Ben Pakulski for instance, he practices a unique training style that focuses on using modern techniques and scientific advancements. When you compare his philosophies to most bodybuilders you’ll notice the absolute difference. Ben’s scientifical approach to bodybuilding is vastly different from the gritty and hardcore approach that is typically associated with the sport. So with such a different mentality of how bodybuilding training should work- how exactly did Ben fall in love with the sport? Take a look at the video below where Ben reveals how he gravitated to magnificent sport of bodybuilding!

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