Best Handles In The NBA: Stephen Curry Or Kyrie Irving?

by Brandon

This years NBA Finals matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors is going to be a series filled of  exceptional and exhilarating plays. One of the individual match ups that will be quite intriguing is the battle at the point guard position between Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry. Two of the best talents the league has to offer at the position. When watching these two play one skill that jumps out to you is their ability to handle the rock. It’s as if the ball is an extension of their hand or they have it on a string of some kind. Making you wonder which of the two actually possess the better handle? Who has the best handles in the league?

If we are judging purely off of their ability to handle the basketball, I believe Kyrie Irving has a slight edge. When watching Kyrie slip past defenders leaving them wondering where he went you might mistake him for a magician. However, what makes Steph’s handles so devastating is his ability to shoot the ball like no other. Defenders just don’t know what to do with themselves, you got to play him tight because of his un-wordly ability to stroke it but then again you can’t play him to tight because you might end up on the floor looking like a break dancer.

You can’t really go wrong with one or the other, they are both great players and the two best ball handlers in the NBA. Hopefully the Finals will be filled with ankle breaking crossovers from them both!

Who do you guys think has the best handles in the NBA?

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