Best Tricep Exercises You Aren’t Doing

by Brandon

When looking to building a set of massive arms the first muscle that comes to mind for many is the bicep. While the tricep is the muscle that is relatively forgotten when it comes to developing the arms. A majority of people want bulging biceps, when in reality the biceps are a smaller muscle group than the triceps. The tricep makes up approximately two-thirds of your entire arm – so be my guest and neglect these muscles, you are only cheating yourself of some serious size and strength. Like the guys at BuffDudes say,”If arms were Mario Brothers Biceps would be Mario, Triceps would definitely be Luigi. But don’t count the triceps out because they take up two-thirds of the arm and they definitely pull their weight…” With that being said, stop restricting your arms from what they have the potential to become and begin giving them the attention they require. To assisst you with that, BuffDudes supplies us with the best tricep exercises most people aren’t doing in the video below!

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