Big Delt Routine With Bradley Martyn

by Brandon

Every bodybuilder and weightlifters goal at the gym should be to build up an aesthetic and proportionate physique. In order to achieve that physique you must dedicate time to each muscle and can’t neglect the one’s you dislike to train. And rear delts are generally neglected by most gym goers who dedicate most of their time on shoulder day to their front delts. Which will lead to your front delts evolving faster than your medial and rear delts especially because your front delts become engaged in other muscle routines. For that reason you have to make sure you don’t only focus on them. Fitness enthusiast Bradley Martyn presents to us a “Big Delt Routine” which will help you on the road toward building you medial and rear delts and have you looking as proportionate as ever. Listen to Bradley’s reasoning and break down of each exercise in his routine in the video below!

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