Big Ramy Is Prepping For The Arnold Classic Brazil

by Adam Smith

Big Ramy is perhaps one of the biggest prospects currently competing in the open weight division. He has the kind of size that is reminiscent of a prime Ronnie Coleman, massive and well defined. He has the kind of physique that gives many people pause and despite only competing in a few competitions during his bodybuilding tenure, the man has already made it to the Olympia stage twice and is steadily climbing the ranks.

There are many who would doubt Big Ramy’s abilities, people that would claim that he doesn’t have the muscle maturity to compete with top flight competition like Heath, Greene, Shawn Rhoden or Dennis Wolf. Everyone has to pay their dues in the sport and work their way into title contention, yet that doesn’t change the fact that Big Ramy is an obvious threat to the top competitors in the division.

So why are we so confident that Big Ramy will become a major problem to deal with in the coming future? Well, just take a look at the video below posted by RX Muscle that shows Big Ramy bulking up for the upcoming Arnold Classic Brazil.

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