Bodybuilder And Former Ms Olympia Is Now A Skinny Mom

by Adam Smith

Massive Female Bodybuilder & Former Ms Olympia Is Now A Skinny Mom KIM Chizevsky, a four time Ms Olympia and one of the greatest female bodybuilders the world has ever seen, is now a trim (even skinny!) mom of two! The 43-year-old, who flexed 16.5” biceps, 28” quads and a 46” chest, on stage has dieted right down and now would barely attract a second glance in a crowd.

 Kim, pictured above, who was absolutely huge, super-ripped and gorgeously proportioned in her competitive days, seemed unbeatable as she clinched four Ms O’s in a row from 1996 – 1999. She also boast a host of other female bodybuilding titles and trophies. Today, however, her fit physique is a riposte to the predicatable critics of female bodybuilding and their perennial, and incorrect, jibe that “all that muscle will turn to fat after  they stop training.”


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