Bodybuilder And MMA Fighter Switch Roles For A Day

by Brandon

Each and every sport requires a completely different skill set in order to succeed at it but athletes are always trash talking athletes of another sport. Claiming that their profession is way more difficult. Which is exactly what went on when professional bodybuilder Aaron Polites got together with his pal and MMA fighter Julian “The Jackal” Rabaud. It wasn’t long before Aaron began taking shots at Julian claiming that he has the easiest job in the world, “..getting punched in the face by a little 50 kilo little bloody..” But Julian responded by saying “Easiest job in the world says you who stands in front of the mirror in these little knickerbockers doing little poses in your underwear..” After all the trash talking came to and end the two would agree to give each others profession a try for the day, both claiming that it wouldn’t even be a challenge. Will the “The Jackal” be able to keep up in the weight room or will Aaron dominate once the gloves are thrown on? Check out the video below to see how it all played out!

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