Bodybuilders Get Asked About Bullying.

by Adam Smith

Bullying is a worldwide problem that has caused many people, in particularly kids in their adolescent years and early teenager years, to become the targets of hateful comments, emotional pain and sometimes even physical abuse. This has led many of these kids and young adults to become very self-aware and self-conscious and some have even taken rather drastic measures of suicide to avoid being bullied. Bullying prevention awareness has risen in the past years through social media outreach and even government intervention. Bullying has tremendous affects on Kids and teens in ways that are sometimes irreversible and can cause lasting mental and emotional scars that have claimed the lives of many.

As bully awareness starts to rise, many people still don’t think that bullying is actually a thing nowadays, especially since we’re so enamored in our daily lives and not worrying to much about whats going on around us, but unfortunately, Bullying still happens, whether you want to accept it or not. Now that social media has taken over almost every aspect of our lives, being a Keyboard Bully is even easier, and the rise to internet bullying is rampant as well. A Youtube Filmaker decided to bring together a group of Bodybuilders and ask them about Bullying and what they thought about it, the results are rather heart-warming. Many of these well known Bodybuilders dealt with Bullying as they were growing up and some didn’t even realize its still happening today. Watch the Video Below and share it with your Buddies and spread the word about whats “Still” going on around us even today.

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