Bodybuilding Motivation – It’s More Than Just Training

by Brandon

Bodybuilding is perceived by many to be a sport in which your success is determined by the hours you spend in the gym. While getting in the gym is a key part of being an elite bodybuilder, there is a lot more that goes in to it. When you are a professional bodybuilder it becomes more than a sport, it develops into a lifestyle filled with discipline and commitment. A typical bodybuilder consumes anywhere from 6-8 meals on a daily basis – not including protein shakes and supplements. Most people have trouble taking down 4 meals a day, imagine doubling that number. Your diet is a key factor in how far you can go in the sport of bodybuilding. Not to mention the rest and recovery time required to allow your muscles the time to properly grow. You can’t be clubbing with your friends all night through the early morning. That’s when the discipline comes in, you have to be willing to sacrifice certain aspects of your life. But if you love what you are doing than the sacrifice comes easy because you know at the end of it all it’ll be worth it. Think you have what it takes?

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