Bodybuilding Motivation – No Time For A Plan B

by Brandon

While you may hear many claim that superior genetics is the key to being a phenomenal bodybuilder they are only a piece of the puzzle. You may possess the greatest genetics in the history of mankind but if you do not have the mental aspect of it down pact you will only get so far. You need to be able to push yourself to and beyond your limits on every given day and understand the work that needs to be put in if you plan on getting to where you want to be. It will be a long and bumpy road for sure but if you have the mental fortitude to get through the rough moments you will learn things about yourself that you never knew before.

As long as you don’t give up when the going gets tough and settle for the easy way out by settling for your so called “plan B”, as that right there is the worst thing you can ever do because I can almost guarantee it will be one of your biggest regrets in life. Don’t even waste your time or energy on devising a backup plan because that right there is you getting ready to fail at what you are really trying to accomplish. Stay focused on what you want and don’t let anything or anybody steer you off the road you are on. Do this, work hard and you can be assured that all your goals will eventually be conquered.

Check out the video below for some motivation to destroy your workout today!

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