Bodybuilding Motivation – Phil Heath 2015 Mr. Olympia

by Brandon

Not where you want to be in life? Tired of hearing those who bring you down and tell you that you’ll never accomplish all the goals you’ve set our for yourself? Well I have great news for you! First of all, today we begin a fresh week so do more with it than you did with the past week. And second of all, whatever the naysayers have to say means nothing in all actuality. Current 5x Mr Olympia Champion, Phil Heath is living proof of just that. If Phil would of listened to all the critics and doubters who told him he would never amass to anything in the bodybuilding world he would of passed up on the life of his dreams. But through a tireless work ethic and dedication to be great at his craft, Phil has proven to us that all his doubters and doubters in general are nothing but a bunch of fools who were too scared to go after their dreams. So don’t for a second buy into their negativity, instead look at all that someone like the great Phil Heath has accomplished in his life and realize it was all made possible due to his relentless drive to be great, his undeniable belief in himself, and his positivity during rough times. And to be quite frank that’s all anyone needs to live out the life they’ve always envisioned for themselves!

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