Bodybuilding Motivation – Straight Outta The Gym

by Brandon

The week came and went which means the weekend has arrived and for some it symbolizes the point of the week where they indulge in all the bad stuff they stay away from throughout the week. Which makes absolutely no sense what so ever. How are you going to kill yourself in the gym throughout the week only to throw it all away come the weekend? That is not the recipe for maximizing gains and getting the most out of your time spent training. So don’t complain when you feel as if you aren’t progressing any closer toward your goals, that physique you dream about isn’t going to happen unless you cut out your bad habits. Use the weekends as a time to recharge your batteries while continuing to grind. Since you have more free time on your hands during the weekend it is key that you use it as productively as possible. If you’re thinking about partying all weekend and getting nothing done take a look at the video below and your mindset will turn a complete 360 degrees. Get in that gym and continue working toward your goals!

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