Box Squats For Explosiveness With Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Antonio Brown

by Brandon

We see Steelers Wide Receiver, Antonio Brown regularly blow past cornerbacks with ease but in fact there is a lot of hard work that goes into him being unguardable. Antonio goes through grueling off-season training sessions to maintain his explosiveness at a un-worldly level. Standing at 5’10” in a league composed of beats, it is indeed his exceptional speed and explosiveness that separates him from every other receiver in the NFL. One exercise in particular that Antonio loves to use to help with building up the glutes which assist in explosiveness and endurance is the box squat. While incorporating box squats in your training routine won’t guarantee you will become as explosive as arguably the best receiver in football. It will however help in getting you as explosive as you can possibly be. If explosiveness is a weakness of yours the video below should be highly beneficial, as we see Dave Rienzi detail the key points of the box squat as Antonio Brown performs the movement!

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