Bradley Gets Straight To Business With His Raw Back & Shoulder Routine

by Brandon

Typically when you watch a Bradley Martyn video you begin by listening to crack some jokes before proceeding to discuss what exercises he will be going through and the muscle group he will be training throughout the video. But his most recent video is all about work and absolutely no play as we see Bradley push through a raw back and shoulder training session. No introduction or jokes, just straight work. And from time to time you might need to have that type of attitude where you just lock in and focus on the task at hand. Not only in the confines of the gym but in your every day life as well. If you like to watch Bradley’s videos for solely entertainment purposes this might not be the best video for you but if you are in need of a killer back and shoulder routine look no further. Check out Bradley Martyn’s raw back and shoulder day in the video below!

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