Bradley Martyn: Alternative Shoulder Routine

by Brandon

As you go through your weekly training your upper-body can become fatigued as you continuously push yourself to the limit. After going through an intense chest and tricep day, you might feel like it’ll be best to retain from performing pressing movements when it comes time to hit shoulders. The key is formulating a routine that still allows you to get the proper amount of work done while sustaining your energy at a high-level. Bradley Martyn was recently in that exact predicament, needing to find a routine that would allow him to hit it hard enough while switching it up from his normal routine. Many might not feel like it is a real shoulder workout without a military or dumbbell shoulder press involved. But that is not true at all, there are various ways to hitting a certain muscle group and it is essential to avoid a plateau by mixing up your routines. Bradley provides his full alternative shoulder routine in the video below. Advising those in need of a shoulder routine switch-up to take a look and give it a try!

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