Bradley Martyn Full Routine For Building That Bicep Peak

by Brandon

The reasoning behind anyone training biceps is to build up their bicep peak but it can become increasingly difficult if you are performing the wrong exercises. Or maybe your points of emphasis are totally wrong, you might need a break from curling as much weight as you can and instead focus on getting a great contraction and allowing as much blood as possible to flow into your arms. Bradley Martyn had a different issue, his shoulders would overpower his arms and as a result they would grow faster. While trying to build up his arms he began to incorporate a day for only biceps and has recently provided us with a video breaking down the exercises and rep ranges he would go through. As you can see this routine has without a doubt done Bradley good as his arms have pretty much caught up to his shoulders allowing for a balanced upper-body. If you’ve been having trouble building up your biceps take a look at the video below and give the routine a go!

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