Bradley Martyn Killing Chest With His “Small” Friend

by Brandon

A major key to achieving those gains is to make sure you are having fun while getting your work in. If you don’t truly get enjoyment out of getting closer to your ultimate fitness goals you will find yourself gradually losing the motivation to train. Plain and simple you have to find a perfect balance of fun and work. Which is why having a training partner who can motivate you on a daily basis will provide a huge boosts in your results. Having someone else to directly compete against will fire you up to bring your best effort day-in-and-day-out. Especially when you are drained from all the different directions your life is currently pulling you in.

One dude who definitely has fun while getting after those gains is Bradley Martyn. While he might joke around a lot, when it comes down to get to business the horsing around gets put on pause. A perfect example is the video below, where we see Bradley kill chest with his  “smallest” friend. Take a look at Bradley assist his “small” friend get big in the video below!

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