Bradley Martyn: Three Leg Exercises You Need To Be Doing

by Brandon

Bradley Martyn has a problem that is shared by weightlifters all around the world, which is possessing under-developed legs. However his reasoning is different from the majority. Most of the individuals you see at the gym with massive upper-bodies and skinny legs is a result of them skipping leg day on a weekly basis. For Bradley it’s simply genetics, while he trains legs hard and regularly, they are just the weak point of his physique. We all have weak points but that doesn’t mean you give up on building the muscle group or area up. Instead you make it your mission to find out more effective ways to training the area hopefully to the point where it one day becomes one of your strong points. Bradley’s point of emphasis has been on building up his quads as he feels they aren’t  up to par with his glutes and hamstrings. And has been experimenting with different exercises and routines in attempt to find out which exercises his quads react best to. Bradley is aware that this is probably a problem many people deal with and put together a video of three exercises that he has found to be highly beneficial to his improved quad development. Are your legs lagging behind the rest of your physique? If so, check out the video below and give these three exercises a try!

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