Bradley Martyn:Full Upper-Body Routine

by Brandon

No matter who you are, everyone needs a switch up from their consistent training routine. If you don’t and choose to stay with the same routine, it can place you in an extremely hard plateau to break. Not to mention that, it can hinder your results and cause your workouts to become boring. The best way to avoid this from occurring is variety. By switching up your rep ranges, exercises and intensity level you won’t allow your body to have a chance to become accustomed to a set training routine. With that in mind, Bradley Martyn brings us his full upper-body routine in which he shocks his body with a perfect alternative to his traditional bodybuilding style of training. As appose to working out just arms or shoulders, Bradley decided it would be a good idea to confuse his body while having some fun with it. If you feel like you might be approaching a plateau, give the routine below a try in place of your typical upper-body workout!

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