Bradley Martyn’s Effective Chest And Bicep Routine

by Brandon

For a guy there is no such thing as too big when it comes to the chest and bicep areas of the body. Every dude wants to get after those gains to develop a impressive and imposing physique they can show off. And you can not blame them, if you worked your ass off to create a physique you are incredibly proud of then why wouldn’t you show it off? Not to say that you necessarily have to but there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. Others will surely hate and bad talk your physique but it all stems from a jealousy they possess because why else would they? It is easy to bad mouth someone who has something you want as appose to manning up and admitting that you have simply been outworked. Because nobody wants to admit that another individual has outworked them, especially when it comes to men. Are you one of those dudes who is feeling salty because your upper-body is not where you want it to be? Take a look at Bradley Martyn’s effective chest and bicep routine in the video below and you will have everyone hating on you this spring break!

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