Bradley Martyn’s Huge Back Routine

by Brandon

In all honesty, do you truly want to build a back that is as big as the wings on a 747? Well then be prepared to take your back training sessions up a few notches and begin making them one of your most intense training days of the week. If trained properly a back day can be as intimidating as the dreaded leg day. Which is why a majority of individuals prefer to train the ‘glamour’ or ‘show’ muscles, which are the chest and arms. But what they fail to realize is that by neglecting the shoulders and back they are doing damage to their posture while leaving them susceptible to injury as well as back and neck pain. Which is exactly what’ll happen when you have a 500 lb bench press to go along with a max bent row of 225 lbs. Bradley Martyn is one dude who strives to develop as symmetrical and balanced physique as possible which is why his back days are as powerful and energetic as any other muscle group. Which should be the goal of every man or women who steps foot into the gym. Why build an unbalanced looking physique when you can work a little harder and create an exceptionally proportionate one? Start by building up your back with Bradley’s huge back routine in the video below!

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