Branch Warren: Blessed Genetics Or Hard Work?

by Brandon

IFBB professional bodybuilder Branch Warren gives us his opinion on whether being blessed with great genetics or hard work contributes more toward becoming a great bodybuilder. Many out there might be confused when it comes to this debate and are quick to give all the credit to genetics. Don’t get me wrong genetics play a role but without hard work those genetics will simply go to waste. “You have to have the genetics to be able to do the sport but that doesn’t mean you are going to be successful in it. But you at least have to have the foundation of the structure, the ability to build muscle to at least have the opportunity to be successful. Then it’s up to you, that persons inner-drive and what they are going to do with that ability”. As Branch states, “You want to know what the biggest secret to it is? HARD, HARD work!” Still think bodybuilding is 100% genetics? Think again, without hard-work great genetics would be nothing other than wasted potential.

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