Branch Warren Looks Amazing In A Throwback Video

by Adam Smith

Branch Warren is the definition of hard work paying off big. The proud Texan has been a staple on the bodybuilding circuit for quite some time now, winning a number of pro titles over the years including the coveted Arnold Classic. With a no nonsense approach to his training and the heart and grit that makes a champion, Warren has steadily risen from an athletic amateur with tons of potential to the mountain of muscle he is today, breaking into the top 10 with ease.

During his bid for the 2015 Arnold Classic titles this year, many observers have stated that “The Quadrasaurus” has never looked better. Despite coming runner up to the great Dexter Jackson, Warren showed that he still has plenty in the tank and is still capable of making some major improvements even this far into his bodybuilding career. As the Olympia grows ever nearer, Warren is looking to make any last minute improvements that he can before hitting the stage with the likes of Jackson, Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Shawn Rhoden, and Dennis Wolf. It’s a tall task to have to take on just one of those names, let alone face them all. But Warren has always had the rugged determination that has seen him challenge for the top spot on numerous occasions.

That same grit and hard working attitude has carried him a long way in his bodybuilding career. Even before he became a household name, Branch was still getting attention for his impressive physical form. While some say he has never looked better in 2015, we’d argue that all the way back in 2001 the hard charging Texan was pretty damn impressive back then. Just take a look at the 2001 form of Warren and try to argue that he didn’t deserve to be recognized as one of the best in the world even before he became The Quadrasaurus.

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