Breakdown Of The Basic Bench Press Technique

by Brandon

If you are currently reading this, that means that you have been blessed enough to see another day and begin another week on this wonderful planet. It also means that you are most likely going to head into the gym to blast your chest as it is Monday which could be confused for national chest day. And to a majority of lifters chest day means another opportunity to improve their bench press. Especially because no matter what anybody says each and everyone of us loves to flaunt just how much we can bench press. However, many fail to realize that in order to lift to your maximum capacity you must be practicing proper form regardless of the exercise. Yet we wonder why we aren’t able to continually advance to lifting more weight. Don’t let your form be the reason why you aren’t lifting to your full potential.

Check out the video below to get a look at how your form should look like when executing the bench press!

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