Buff Dudes: 10 Best Squat Variations

by Brandon

Getting buffed is no easy task as it takes an enormous amount of discipline and hard work, that is the exact reason why so many people on this planet are in terrible physical shape. Not many people out there want to actually get in the gym consistently and follow a strict diet. They rather shove their faces with whatever kind of foods they prefer and sit at home on the couch watching Netflix all day long. But for those who choose to live the fit lifestyle in and effort to develop the physique they want the guys over at Buff Dudes make the perfect videos for you. As they not only tell you exercises you should be doing but they also explain why you should be doing them. In the video below we have one of their more recent videos in which they explain the 10 best squat variations. While the squat might not be a favorite amongst most lifters, hardcore lifters understand the benefits that come from squatting. By incorporating different variations of the squat you begin to hit all the different areas of your legs. Ensuring that you develop a all around proportionate physique. Check out Buff Dudes 10 best squat variations to help you on your way to developing a complete physique in the video below!

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