Buff Dudes Exclusive Documentary: ‘Gym Wildlife’

by Brandon

The Gym can be a harsh, intimidating environment due to the intense competitiveness that takes place within its confines. I know many individuals circle the new year as the perfect time to re-focus and get after their fitness goals but they should be informed on what they are getting themselves into. Those whom are uneducated and oblivious as to how to survive in this environment will be chewed up and spit back out without hesitation. So before you dive in headfirst to your fitness goals for 2016, I would advise you to take some time to watch the youtube channel Buff Dudes’ new, exclusive documentary: ‘Gym Wildlife’ As they go into full detail about the various gym personalities, rules and behaviors you should expect and be aware of.

Take a look at Buff Dudes hilarious parody video detailing the behaviors of everyday gym members in the video below!

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