Buff Dudes’ Soccer Specific Strength Training Routine

by Brandon

Each sport requires a different training emphasis from the other, which is why it is key to be knowledgeable on what muscle groups are vital to being successful in the sport you play. Failing to follow a routine that is specific to the sport you compete in can hold you back from being your best and can potentially lead to injury. Simply put basketball players can’t train like bodybuilders, bodybuilders can’t train like soccer players, tennis players can’t train like baseball players, etc. Just imagine if an aspiring bodybuilder were to train through implementing basketball-specefic philosophies into their training ? I don’t imagine he or she would fair to well.

The guys over at Buff Dudes’ are well aware of this and for that reason have started a new sport specific training series. Where they go through a few key exercises you should be incorporating into your training routine if you are looking to be the best you can at the sport being discussed. In the first video of their new series we see the Buff Dudes’ team up with freestyle soccer player and Guinness World Record holder Daniel Cutting to put together a soccer strength training routine. Which is perfect for any soccer player looking to take their game to the next level. If playing soccer is your cup of tea then you should definitely take a look at the video below!

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