Build Mass With This Powerful Arms & Traps Routine

by Brandon

If there are two muscle groups that make an individual appear “more masculine” or “dominant” it is indeed the arms and traps. Well-developed arms and traps give off the appearance of a strongly built body but the attention given to these two are vastly different. When it comes to the arms committed lifters are willing to dedicate a whole day of the week to building those bad boys up, while the traps are usually squeezed in at the end of a shoulder workout and most times completely forgotten about. With most ignoring that this can have consequences far beyond performance and appearance. Weak traps will eventually lead to problems, beginning with small bothersome dings and if untreated can cause full-blown injuries. So whether it be to boost your appearance or strength always remember about your traps as they play a major role in building and maintaining total upper-body strength.

Check out BuffDudes mass building arm and trap routine in the video below!

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