Build Strong Arms With The Tricep Skull Crusher

by Brandon


The only way to build a pair of big guns is through training your butt off. It will take a combination of desire, dedication and discipline to build massive arms. The first thing you need to know about building huge arms is that repeatedly doing the same exercises will hinder your progress. However make sure all your energy isn’t all focused on only your biceps as the tricep makes up about two-thirds of your entire arm. Neglecting your triceps will leave you with small arms for the rest of your life. A great exercise to help with building mass on your triceps is the tricep extensions also known as the ‘skull crusher’. And no you won’t crush your skull performing this exercise as long as you use the proper technique. Bradley Martyn knows a thing or two about packing on size and not only lifts heavy but trains smart. Making him someone you want to tack lifting advice from so who better to learn the technique behind the skull crusher? Take a look at Bradley breaking down the correct way to execute a skull crusher in the video below!

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