Cardio The Buff Dudes’ Way

by Brandon

Many of us tend to find ourselves in a funny conundrum – we want to melt off all the fat from our bodies yet we hate cardio with a passion. Which can be a problem because in order to sizzle off those extra pounds you will need to perform some kind of cardio. The reason why so many of us dislike cardio is because unlike your weight training workouts which you tend to switch up regularly, your cardio routine tends to remain the same which leads to boredom. I mean who wants to hop on top of the stationary bike every day for 45 minutes? Nobody that is who because it is equivalent to being tortured. However, if you find a cardio routine or style that suits you and can assist you on your way to your fitness goals you will definitely get more enjoyment out of it. It is all about finding a style that challenges you and keeps you engaged throughout your workout. Three cardio styles you might find interesting is fasted cardio, low-intensity cardio and high-intensity cardio. Each provide benefits but again its all about choosing the style that suits you best. To help you decide which style you should be executing check out the video below to see the Buff Dudes’ breakdown each style!

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