by Brandon

Your mind sucks and can easily be manipulated, it believes whatever you feed it. And it is incredibly easy to BS your mind into believing just about anything you want it to. You can literally come up with the worst excuses in the world and convince yourself that it is a valid reason when the only feedback you are getting is from within your mind. Which is exactly why it is so easy for many of us to get stuck within our comfort zones. How do you break out of them? By continuously pushing yourself beyond the limitations you believe you have. And a lot of times you might need someone from the outside to come in and help you in doing that. Especially at the gym, you can become complacent and happy with where you are at but who knows the type of physique you could build if you just pushed yourself a little harder everyday. A training partner can be the key toward getting you to the next level, a perfect example of that is the video below. Where we see Jeff Cavaliere link up with the fierce CT Fletcher to demonstrate how just 200 reps can push you to your limits if you are willing to just break out of your comfort zone. CT’s tricep gauntlet is used to test you will and desire to succeed. Jeff weighs in at mere 165 lbs but found a way to push through and complete the gauntlet, it might of seemed impossible at first but not for a second did he think of giving up. Showing how you can do what might seem impossible as long as you believe you can!

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