Check Out This Calisthenics Workout Video Dubbed ‘The Superhuman Bodyweight Workout’

by Adam Smith


“How often do you stretch your limits and test yourself? Some of the greatest accomplishments throughout history are marked by our capacity to push through incredible amounts of physical and mental pain to reach new heights and new goals. Even highly advanced athletes like myself need to be challenged from time to time in order to grow. Experimenting and pushing my limits to new growth is always on my mind.”


This video by Frank Medrano is very motivating he’s doing some extreme calisthenics and definitely pushing us to want to do some great body weight workouts asap. What a great video to watch before going for a run or the gym to really give it a kick in the arse. The music is great too!


“This video was inspired by all the work I put in and the vision I saw with calisthenics. I wanted to send a signal out there to everyone in fitness and the general public… Sometimes you need that extra boost, the little bit of inspiration or that great reminder of the superhuman capabilities within us all!”


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