Chris Paul & Aaron Rodgers Sink All Types Of Crazy Trick Shots!

by Brandon

The guys over at Dude Perfect are well known for their incredible trick shot videos but their latest video might have just topped all the others. The reason being that they were assisted by two of the biggest stars in all of sports: The Los Angles Clippers’ Chris Paul and the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers. While we are used to seeing these two superstars dominate their competition on a consistent basis we have never quite seen them this creative before. As the two slung the rock around the gym from all types of angles, distances, and into all types of targets. But I guess when you are as skilled and talented as Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers trick shots don’t pose much of a challenge. Check out CP3 and Aaron Rodgers having fun with the guys of Dude Perfect in the video below!

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