Common Squat Mistake

by Brandon

When it comes to powerlifting or heavy lifting in general, you can typically get away with having flaws in your technique at first but as time goes on you will have to correct these flaws. You can pass with imperfect form when you are pushing around a plate of two but once you start lifting some serious iron, every component of your technique becomes highly important for your safety and results.

To ensure that you are lifting to your maximum capacity it is essential that you perform each lift with impeccable technique. And while many understand this, they somehow always forget about one specific aspect of their technique – breathing. Some people even hold their breath when lifting weights. Regardless of one’s experience or expertise when it comes to lifting, many of us tend to ignore the vital role that breathing plays in both performance and your health.

One exercise in particular that requires you to take your breathing seriously is the squat. There a few common mistakes people tend to make when jumping under the squat rack and at the top of the list is breathing technique. But if you were to ask any professional bodybuilder or powerlifting they will tell you the important role breathing plays in your lifting ability.

Take powerlifter Jeremy Hamilton as a perfect example,who got together with Omar Isuf to discuss some of the most common mistakes he sees people make when squatting at the gym. Take a look at what he had say in the video below!

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