Complex Goes Sneaker Shopping With NFL Superstar Dez Bryant

by Brandon

Unless you live under a rock or don’t follow sports at all for that matter, then you are well aware of who Dez Bryant is. But in case you don’t, he is the superstar receiver of America’s Team, also known as the Dallas Cowboys. And while his spectacular athleticism and competitiveness is what separates him from the rest of the league his on-field swag has garnered a ton of attention. Due to the numerous, exclusive Jordan brand cleats he has been spotted in over the past few seasons. It must be pretty nice to have the ability to request that Jordan designs player exclusive cleats to your liking but I guess that is one of the perks that come from being an exceptional talent.

To gives some insight into what its like to be a brand Jordan athlete and what goes into the designs we see Dez wearing on Sunday, Dez when sneaker shopping with Joe La Puma of Complex to discuss that and much more.

Check it all out in the video below!

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