Core Workout With NFL Running Back Rashad Jennings

by Brandon

Effectively strengthening your core can be tricky but what you’ll need to do are exercises  that cause your body to become unstable rather than moves that don’t require stabilization. And once you begin to improve your core stability you’ll begin to see benefits that translate into sports performance as well as every day life. Performing exercises that cause you to stabilize teach your body how to quickly react in situations whether you are running, jumping or performing any other movement that may require an immediate reaction. But as previously stated having a strong core won’t only benefit an athlete. Strengthening your core will correct bad posture by evenly distributing weight throughout the body, which will take a lot of wear and tear off of your spine. Not to mention the fact that having that strong core will also prevent lower-back pain as well as relieve any aches you are currently dealing with. If strengthening your core is something you are looking to do, take a look at NFL running back Rashad Jennings go through one of his core workouts in the video below!

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