Crazy Public Paintball Prank!

by Brandon

Thursday can seem like the longest day of the week, you are already thinking about what you have planned for the upcoming weekend but have to wait another 24 hours for it to officially begin. The best way to make time go by is through laughter and Roman Atwood is the perfect man for the job. Some know him as a prank master while others hate him, it all depends on what side of his prank you were on. If you are the one being pranked you probably won ‘t get much enjoyment out of it. Take the victims of Romans crazy paintball prank for instance in which he goes around shooting peoples car up with a pinball gun, little do they know that the gun is completely empty and shooting nothing but air. As you can imagine these individuals were not even slightly pleased with Romans actions. Check out their hilarious reactions to their cars getting vandalized in the video below!

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