Cristiano Ronaldo Went Out For A Cup Of Tea And The Whole World Showed Up For Photos

by Brandon

While there are an abundant amount of pros that come with being a professional athlete or celebrity, there are certainly a few cons that come along with the fame as well. Such as the inability to go about normal activities unbothered or interrupted by fans or media. One man who knows this all too well is soccer superstar – Cristiano Ronaldo.

To give us a taste of what its like to be Cristiano Ronaldo, the 31 year-old global icon went out with a friend to grab a cup of tea from a coffee shop in Madrid and recorded the whole thing. Once Cristiano sat down it was only a matter of seconds before a fan approached him for a photo. And it didn’t stop there as fans began to swarm him for photos, making it a challenge for Ronaldo to get in a sip of his tea in between photos.

Imagine not being able to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at your local Starbucks? Yeah it would definitely be easy to become a bit agitated. However, Cristiano was a good sport about it, taking a picture with every fan that approached him and even cracking a few jokes here and there.

Check out what happens when arguably the best soccer in the world attempts to have a casual cup of tea by taking a look at the video below!

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