CT Fletcher & Mike Rashid’s Arm Day

by Brandon

Mike Rashid and CT Fletcher play no games what so ever once inside of the gym. The gym is a place to get away from all of the crap life throws their way and allows them to focus in on the task at hand – getting jacked. But then again is there any other purpose behind lifting beside getting as yoked as you possibly can? Of course not, that is the reason we all bust our tails off in the gym day in and day out. Hoping that one day we will too be on the level of beasts such as Mike Rashid and CT Fletcher and while I can not guarantee you will ever get to that point, I can guarantee you one thing. If you train with their intensity you will surely get your physique to a place you never thought possible. If you aren’t aware of the intensity these savages train with, get a glimpse of it in the video below where we see them push through a crazy arm day!

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